How To Flirt Effectively

Flirting defined by google is to attract someone playfully rather than serious intention. Till now talking about few positive points I decided to talk on one relative negative topic that is flirting. Flirting is an art according to me. One should know few techniques to safely utilize his/her talent to impress someone.

First of all one must keep in mind gender and the age of the person with whom you are going to flirt. As we are aware mindset of both male and female are different so it obvious technique is different in both cases. Let us first discuss we are target audience or person is female. Females like appreciation. So you are aware from where you have to start. First begin by appreciating her outfit, accessories. Because if you will start by her look this makes her bit alert. Moving forward appreciate her smile way of talking, her thinking aptitude and then land up to her beauty. If she is career oriented then you must talk about career your future plan because such career oriented females like career oriented male. Get to know about her favorite topic of discussion and start narrating examples related to those topics. For example if she likes travelling talk about places you have been. And give her special attention make her feel special. But don’t be too attentive because this can also give her hint about you being flirting with her. Drop messages in middle of day if she replies start appreciating her. Plan for dinner or coffee and she impress her more ask her if you come to pick her. This will show her your caring and responsible nature, this attracts a women a lot.

Let’s now give some tips to female in order to how to flirt effectively with males. Males most important point does not like appreciation much so ladies avoid involving appreciation in each and every topic you discuss. Mostly they like either technical talks (topic related to latest technology, gears, cars) or sports or politics. You need to portray that you are self-made and do not like to be dependent on male. Men like self-made confident women. Instead of expecting gift it would be more effective if you present them some gifts are ask them to take out for coffee and dinner. Also share your bill, again this will add more points and automatically the man to whom you are flirting will fall for you. Not to forget dress up yourself and don’t expose too much, cause serious man means one who is career minded introvert will never fall for such ladies. Again show your concern, give them their space and see you will be successful.

Ladies and gentle before I wind I would advise you study the likes dislike of the person with whom you want to flirt and properly plan your steps and enjoy flirting, but make sure you do not take advantage of someone feeling and hurt them.

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