Dating A Professional Single

Technically we do not have any well-defined meaning of dating. In simple words one can explain dating as time spend by two people (may be opposite gender or might be same gender) to understand each other. In this competitive world of today, especially our coming generation or youth of today have very different way of thinking. Which could be seen in their selection for career, future plans, travel plan and at least but not the least choosing person to date with? And one most important criterion they keep in their mind before selecting a person to know more is whether the person is professional or not.

As one could see here professional have two meaning i.e. whether the nature of person is professional I mean he/she is very practical or else person is well settled. This means person has a secure job and planned future. Following the famous saying every coin as two faces. I am going to discuss about the Pros and cons of dating a professional single.

Let us first start with positive things. The biggest advantage of dating a professional single is his/her practical mindset. They will have broader mindset with vision of future plans. Not to forget you will have will have financially independent life-partner. Apart from financial support, broader outlook towards life you have an option of person who will be having a good social circle. Social circle of intellectual, practical and self-made people. One can lot of guidance and motivation to move ahead in future. Not to forget professional partner can understand your lifestyle and if belong to a working class he/she can understand your professional engagement. So possibilities of argument for time are less. There are many more positive aspects but as discussed in the beginning of the article, I will be now discussing about the negative aspects too.

The biggest disadvantage of having a professional partner is their time. I mean the personal time for relationship. You cannot think of unplanned trips without knowing the schedule of your life partner. Also many a time they are either on business trip or business meeting. So your personal time is very less. Apart from this, if you have very career oriented professional life partner then be ready to have discussion on how to plan our time in order to grow more, earn more and get more fame. So your dating time could be converted into outdoor business meeting. This could be monotonous for a romantic person. And the worst comes out, if your dating partner is workaholic. Be ready to attend monotonous very formal business parties instead of happening parties.

I would like to conclude by saying life is very short so live it to the fullest. Professionally settled partner is a perk, but never forget money is not only means to live a happy life. So search for qualities you want to have in your life partner while you are dating. Spend quality time, understand each other and then decide.

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