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How To Flirt Effectively

Flirting defined by google is to attract someone playfully rather than serious intention. Till now talking about few positive points I decided to talk on one relative negative topic that is flirting. Flirting is an art according to me. One should know few techniques to safely utilize his/her talent to impress someone. First of all one must keep in mind gender and the age of the person with whom you are going to flirt. As we are […]

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Great Tips On How To Get A Girl

Females are the most beautiful creation of God. They not only blessed with beautiful body but they also possess caring heart. They have love for all, sense of responsibilities, ability to take mature decision. But the toughest part is to get a good girl for your life. Someone has rightly said women are unpredictable. You can never know what is going in their mind. But yes I can help you by stating few points one must keep […]

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Building Your Confidence In Dating

Dating means time spend between two people to understand each other and spend quality time with each other. When two people meet and try to settle life with each other they plan for dating. This dating concept is nothing but time two people want to spend alone in order to understand would be life partner. Earlier this tradition was not so common in India but as people have grown and developed broader outlook towards life, it had […]

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